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Holly Simon

Green Diplocaulus Hard Enamel Pin

Green Diplocaulus Hard Enamel Pin

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Full disclosure

This was a faulty order! The pin is hard enamel EXCEPT for the spots, which were printed on so they look a little grainy. I will be discounting this batch and will get it resolved for the following order. They would normally be $14.99 but will be discounting for $10.99.

Diplocaulus was one of the most prolific amphibians During the Permian, sharing the swamps with the freshwater shark, Orthacanthus. They lived a mostly aquatic lifestyle, save for periods of drought that would afflict Permian ecosystems. During long dry periods, Diplocaulus would retreat to their burrows and begin aestivation - prolonged periods of sleep similar to hibernation.

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Hard Enamel Pin


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